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Semrush - Use For Own Benefit

SEMRUSH- My First Guide 

SEMRUSH- the best tool I ever have seen because of this tool I can boost up my some blogging skills and also my website even I don't get a paid version if you think that if I'm getting a boost up with sem rush free trial then think that how good are the paid version so my suggestion is to go through the free trial for further details read this article.

semrush tool
semrush tool

so further, in short, I'm telling you Why did I turn to sem rush 
I would like to share some of my experience which definitely help you to grow your website rank. So basically I'm started my website and I don't have any knowledge about that thing but I'm started and then I'm just writing post no SEO, no backlink or also don't have unique content but then also I am applied for Adsense, firstly I'm applied for Google Adsense but there was nothing happened and then applied for infolink Adsense.

surprisingly my website get approval and I'm thinking now my earning going to start but I don't know what happened & then something not going well hence I don't saw any progress in my work the earning is zero I'm getting frustrated so Then I decided to correct my mistakes & I started my research on my problems some problem was solved but then also my earning is not increasing then im decided just only started to learn the things how it works.

I started a free website on blogger. Here I've got my free web domain blogpost.com. Originally I don't have any earning, so I started my work with the intention of learning in the subdomain, so I got a related website from which I can make my website amazing and correct the mistakes I've already done.

Why do I assume sem rush as my guide?

basically sem rush gives you the power to sustain in the competition you think how is that possible? as I said I don't have money so I can't afford paid tools at that time so I started with a free trial so basically which factor is important while writing a post and also for SEO plagiarism tool that which point we are discussing further step by step.

  • keyword research 
  • backlinks analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Site Audit
  • Tools 

so the first point is, 
  • keyword research
Why is keyword research important? because it gives when you write your post and after publishing google scan your post while scanning your post they check the keyword in your post on this bases they give stance to your post or also you can say rank your website.keywords plays a very important role and it helps to earn more money.

Semrush-My First Guide
Semrush -My First Guide

so basically in sem rush when you enter for keyword researching you get the detail idea of the working from above image its shows that which keyword you have to target when you choose your topic so basically after getting you the list of keywords you have to see the factors which are keyword volume, CPC (cost per click), SERP source so in sem rush you will get the whole data of keyword competition if you have any question-related keyword research then comment down below and also refer this video or also you read this article for brief information SEMrush Review – The Best Competitor Analysis Tool

  • Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis - semrush
Backlink Analysis - semrush

Now we move on to our next topic which is very important backlink analysis. nowadays making backlinks is very hard. some of the YouTubers told that make a backlink through the comment, some of told to use paid backlinks, through web 2.0 &web directories but I'm personally telling you to don't use any of that term always go through white hat SEO because there are fewer chances to get down your website rank because there are large chances to change google algorithm so keep in that mind then make a build up a backlink. if you wanted to build a good quality of do-follow backlink then my suggestion is that use semrushubbersuggest.

on semrush, you get the exact idea about backlinks which your competitor is made and according to them, you can collect the data from where the competitor finds or build up the backlink semrush gave you the exact amount backlink that your competitor is made & from where he made that information.

  • competitor research

competitor research - semrush
competitor research - semrush

Do you think that What's the need for it? what is the benefit of that so the benefit is if you write something on any topic but you are not one who write on that particular topic there has to be some competition and if you want to crack them you have to crack some point. 

first, you have to find your competitor and then find on which keyword his article will be rank, length of your competitor article, then backlinks and volume of keyword which are going to used in your articles. you should have to keep an eagle eye on the competitor to compete for his article to come in rank.

  • Site Audit

Google penalty- semrush
Google penalty- semrush

A site audit is basically all factors which combined help to grow your website or rank up in google search engines. it means you have to keep attention on each factor. 

you have to do an audit of your site from time to time. it will help to maintain your position or ranking of your website.so semrush is the best tools to analyze all factors of your website. it will give you all the data like the present issue, warning which you need to improve and it will also give the total SEO score of your website. 

semrush pricing is low as compared to other tools and in that low price also semrush provides many tools and problem-solving factor is the main part who attracts the user.

Semrush also provides you the best-earning opportunity by providing an affiliate program. In this affiliate program, they give the 40 % commission on each sale and it will not stop after one sells it will be going on like cycle chain system.

one more earning method they will provide which is a content writing contest. In this contestyou have to write about semrush. there are no criteria for participation, you have to just write content and publish on your platform and mail them your content which is you published n your online platform. if you won this contest you will get prize money.


so my conclusion is semrush is the best tools to analyze your website growth and issues and resolves your all problems, issues or warning. these tools provide many suggestions which help to maintain web rank.

so what is your opinion about semruush tools and whether you use this tool or not, let me know in the comment section


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